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High Porosity Hollow Glass Microspheres Particle Surface Area High

High Porosity Hollow Glass Microspheres Particle Surface Area High

High Porosity hollow glass microspheres

hollow glass microspheres Particle Surface Area High

High Porosity hollow glass spheres

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Product Details
Thermal Condictivity:
True Density:
Surface Area:
Particle Surface Area:
Dielectric Constant:
0.15-1.0 G/cm³
Bulk Density:
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Product Description

High Porosity Bulk Density 0.12-0.15 Prevent Deformation with High Surface Area

Product Description:

Hollow Microspheres are lightweight, high-performance particles that can be used in a variety of applications, from construction and rubber to aerospace adhesives and buoyancy materials. They are designed to reduce mechanical stress and improve corrosion resistance, making them ideal for aviation and other industries. The particles feature a high particle surface area and a low thermal conductivity of 0.085, as well as a dielectric constant ranging from 1.2 to 2.2 (100MHz). The bulk density of the particles is 0.12 to 0.15. These properties make Hollow Microspheres the perfect choice for many industrial and manufacturing applications.



  • Hollow Microspheres: Thermal Condictivity 0.085, True Density 0.244-0.256, Particle Surface Area High, Bulk Density 0.12-0.15, Density 0.15-1.0 G/cm³
  • Highly effective in improving flameproof, reducing mechanical stress, and enhancing shield

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Surface Area High
Thermal Condictivity 0.085
Dielectric Constant (100MHz) 1.2-2.2
True Density 0.244-0.256
Particle Surface Area High
Bulk Density 0.12-0.15
Density 0.15-1.0 G/cm³
Diameter 25-85µm
Application Construction, Rubber, Aerospace Adhesives, Boyancy Materials.
Porosity High


Applications and Scenarios for HAINUO HN25HS Hollow Microspheres

HAINUO HN25HS Hollow Microspheres are widely used in many industries and applications due to its unique properties, such as high particle surface area, high porosity and low density. These features make them perfect for a variety of applications, ranging from aircraft protection to flameproofing. Here are some of the most common uses for HAINUO HN25HS Hollow Microspheres:

Protection for Aircrafts

HAINUO HN25HS Hollow Microspheres can be used to protect aircrafts from damage due to abrasion, corrosion, and other environmental factors. The high particle surface area and low density of the microspheres provide excellent protection against these types of damage, while also reducing the weight of the aircraft. This makes HAINUO HN25HS Hollow Microspheres an ideal choice for aircraft protection.

Improve Flameproofing

The low density and high porosity of HAINUO HN25HS Hollow Microspheres make them ideal for flameproofing applications. The microspheres can be used to prevent or slow the spread of a fire, providing more time for emergency personnel to respond. This makes them a great choice for industries that require flameproofing, such as the oil and gas industry.

Reduce Wear and Tear

HAINUO HN25HS Hollow Microspheres can be used to reduce wear and tear in a variety of applications. The low density and high porosity of the microspheres make them well-suited for use in applications where friction and wear are an issue, such as motors, pumps, and bearings. They can also be used to reduce noise levels in machines and vehicles.


Support and Services:

Hollow Microspheres Technical Support and Service

At Hollow Microspheres, we provide comprehensive technical support and services to ensure our customers have the best possible experience with our product. Our technical support team is available to answer any questions and provide assistance with installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Installation Support

Our team can provide installation assistance to get your Hollow Microspheres product up and running quickly. From setting up the hardware to configuring the software, we have you covered.

Maintenance Support

We offer maintenance services to help you keep your Hollow Microspheres product running optimally. Our services include regular system checks, software updates, and hardware repairs.

Troubleshooting Support

If you encounter any issues with your Hollow Microspheres product, our team can provide troubleshooting assistance. We can help you diagnose and resolve any problems quickly and efficiently.



Hollow Microspheres
Q: What is the Brand Name?
A: The Brand Name is HAINUO.
Q: What is the Model Number?
A: The Model Number is HN25HS.
Q: Where is the Place of Origin?
A: The Place of Origin is SHANXI CHINA.
Q: What are the features of Hollow Microspheres?
A: The features of Hollow Microspheres include high strength, light weight, low thermal conductivity, low cost, recyclable, etc.
Q: What are the applications of Hollow Microspheres?
A: The applications of Hollow Microspheres include thermal insulation, fireproofing, filler materials, sound insulation, buoyancy, etc.

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