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Thermoplastic Glass Micro Spheres 10000 Psi Injection Molding Oil Well Cementing

Thermoplastic Glass Micro Spheres 10000 Psi Injection Molding Oil Well Cementing

Thermoplastic Glass Micro Spheres 10000 Psi

Glass Microspheres 10000 Psi Injection Molding

Glass Microspheres 10000 Psi Oil Well Cementing

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Product Details
Product Name:
HN60 Glass Microspheres
10-65 µm
0.15-1.0 G/cm³
Compressive Strength:
10000 Psi
Chemical Composition:
SiO2, Na2O, CaO, MgO, Al2O3
White Or Transparent
True Density:
Bulk Density:
Dielectric Constant:
Thermal Condictivity:
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Product Description

Thermoplastic,Hollow Glass Bubble,HN60,Injection Molding,Oil Well Cementing.


Hollow Glass Bubble Description:


The addition of hollow glass bubbles can improve the thermal properties of thermoplastics, reducing heat transfer and improving energy efficiency. The trapped air inside the bubbles provides thermal insulation, helping to dissipate heat more evenly and reduce the risk of overheating.Besides,The addition of hollow glass bubbles to thermoplastics can improve their acoustic properties, reducing noise and vibration and improving the overall comfort of the environment or equipment.


Thermoplastic Glass Micro Spheres 10000 Psi Injection Molding Oil Well Cementing 0


Hollow Glass Bubbles Application :



Nylon is a durable and versatile thermoplastic used in applications such as automotive components, electronic device housings, and consumer goods. The addition of hollow glass bubbles can improve the stiffness, strength, and dimensional stability of nylon.


2.Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS):

ABS is a thermoplastic used in applications such as automotive components, electronic device housings, and toys. The addition of hollow glass bubbles can improve the stiffness, impact resistance, and dimensional stability of ABS.


Model True Density(g/cm³) Bulk Density(g/cm³) Thermal Conductivity(w/m·k)
Dielectric Conductivity(100MHZ) Compressive Strength(psi) Diameter(um)
D10 D50 D90


0.30-0.34 0.2 1.2-2.2 10000 10 30 65


Product Advantages:

Reduce Production Cost,Easy Moduling,Polish,Reduce Shrink.


Why choose us?

1,Specialized in manufacturing Hollow Glass Bubbles over 2 decades.
2,Rank in the list of largest HGBs manufacturers.
3,Ensured product quality,density radius and compressive strength , very expect any kind test from our customers.
4,Stablized product performance, reliability priors most to us.




Question 1:Can you tell me more package details of Hainuo HGBs?


Answer1: We mainly offer customers package options of cartoon and ton bags, our HGBs packages varies their dimension size based on their model and density difference, customers can choose their preferred package plans via contact Hainuo team in advance.

Answer2:For better meet customer’s special requirement of their diversified application field, Customers can contact in details with Hainuo team for a feasible customized package service.


Question 2, Can you tell a brief progress history of Hainuo Technology and what specific achievement and merits rewarded in the HGBs field?


Answer1: The Hainuo Technology’s history can trace back to 2010s,officially founded in 2011s, the Hainuo technology was backed the research by several renowed Governement owned institutions and authority agencies and hence get tremendous technology breakthough in a short time and now rank in the global list of most competitive manufacturers.

Answer2: The Hainuo Technology has been rewarded for several significant national prize and honor reward include the title “High-Tech Enterprises”, “Outstanding Enterprise in Shanxi province”..,Whats more the Hainuo Glass Bubble is applied in many significant China national oil and ocean projects by CNPC and CNOOC those Monopolized Enterprises.


Question 3,What protection steps should users take and be cautious when remove HGBs exterior package?

Answer1: Before the unpackage,please place cartoon box or Ton bags in spacious area with effective ventilation conditions,then gently and slowly remove packaging bands of the cartoon and softly open the inner small package bags.To better mitigate the dust emission ,lift and down of bags should be controlled within slight vibration and shake.

Answer2: Users simply need mind the dust emission during unpackaging ,both lift and down of bags should be controlled within slight vibration and shake.for user’s skin who have allergic symptom to dust and other micro substance contact ,other safety protection kits is suggested including safety eyeglass and gloves, please contact local safety kits servicers for professional suggestions.


Question 4, What are advantages of using hollow glass bubbles ?

Answer: Hollow glass bubbles can be applied as a lightweight filler in various industries,it has multiple advantages not only enhance products’ Thermal Insulation, Fludity&Stiffness but also hugely improve the original strength endurance and Chemical Resistance.


Question 5,What are some common applications of hollow glass bubbles?

Answer: Hollow Glass Bubbles covers wide application in Aerospace,Rubber,Plastic,Marine and Construction industries.HGBs are used as lightweight fillers which will improve products performance and effectively reduce original production cost.


Question 6, What is the range of Hainuo HGBs density and size range?

Answer: It varies based on their physical application ,The typical density range of Hainuo Glass Bubble is 0.11-0.606 g/cm³and the size range from 10um to 115um .


Question 7,Are Hollow Glass Bubbles products environmental friendly?

Answer: Hollow Glass bubbles are environmental friendly product as its made from natural sand so will not cause any side effect to both users and environment ,they can be recyclable reused.The Hainuo Technology Co.Ltd very stress this code and coherent it throughout the whole production, this is also the idea and brand image that Hainuo deliver to the public society .


Question 8,Can Hollow Glass Bubbles be used in 3D Printing?

Answer:Yes, hollow glass bubbles can be added to 3D printing materials, such as polymers and resins, to reduce their weight and improve their strength. They can also improve the printability of materials and reduce warping.


Question 9,Can Hollow Glass Bubbles be used in Concrete?

Answer:Yes, hollow glass bubbles can be used as a lightweight aggregate in concrete to reduce its weight and improve its thermal insulation and fire resistance. They can also improve the workability and durability of concrete.


Question 10,What is the annual total production volume of Hainuo HGBs ?

Answer:The Hainuo is currently able to meet altogether 15000 tonnes requirement every year and this volume is hugely increasing with the construction of its second line production project. By year 2026 ,the yearly production volume is expected grows to over 35000 tonnes.


Question 11,Is there anything attention or be noted when storing hollow Glass Bubbles?

Answer: Yes,there are some imperative measures should be taken to ensure stored glass bubbles in good condition. HGBs packages should be placed and stored in dry area where not much damp and moist affections,whats more,HGBs storage should avoid exposure to direct sunshine,it is better they are stored in a cool and dark place.Besides, its necessary to keep all packages tightly sealed in case its emission as they are very micro particles.

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